Award winning music producer, journalist, editor and programming consultant: Royal Northern College of Music Festival of Brasss The British Bandsman, Faber Music Ltd., PHM Publishing

'The world of brass bands owes Paul Hindmarsh a great debt of gratitude. Without him, the story of the last 25 years would have to be retold. He has achieved this with a single-minded dedication, enthusiasm, and patience. He has commissioned many composers to write for the medium, many of whom were new to the genre. Through the BBC in Manchester and now at the RNCM, Paul has developed the Festival of Brass into the most ground-breaking annual festival of its kind in the world.'
- Edward Gregson

'As a journalist and author, Paul Hindmarsh has become a valued critic of important recent repertoire for brass band, and it will be his writings that provide a yardstick against which our collective efforts will be judged by subsequent generations. In particular, he has been tireless in his advocacy for the music of Wilfred Heaton, and without his work many of that fine but elusive composer's less well known scores would now be lost to the world.'
- Philip Wilby

Welcome to Paul Hindmarsh Music Productions, PHM Publishing and the Brass Band Heritage Trust. Over a 40 year span, my career in music has involved a period as a professional singer, 21 years at the BBC producing for Radio 3, and for the past decade as a freelance music producer/editor, publisher, curator and writer.

You'll find a catalogue of PHM Publishing and the Wilfred Heaton Edition, most of which is available for sale via my on-line shop, plus regular new updates, social media feed, links to audio on my Soundcloud site and full information about the Brass Band Heritage Trust.

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